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7. FAQ

What should I do during the attack?

To massage the balls! Each ball should be massaged about a minute as it was described previously. But having the last ball massaging finished (or last couple of balls what is preferable in such cases) you need to return to the first ball and repeat the whole procedure. It will take you not 2 or 4 minutes as usual but 8 or even 12 but it will weaken the attack and it’ll be over sooner, maybe even during the massage.

What should I do with medications during the attack?

Even the first massage during an attack is often enough to recover normal breathing. That’s why, even at first days of treatment, you shouldn’t use an inhaler at once, only after massaging or 4-6 minutes. It is possible that the attack will stop without an inhaler.In 1-2 days of treatment attacks will be stopped by massaging for sure. This interval can be shorter or a bit longer though.

What should I do with medications when the kid has no attacks?

When any of asthma rates (attacks frequency, average length or intensity) decrease twice you should gradually stop using medications..

Why should I stop using medications gradually?

The point is that human body gets used to medications, especially hormonal ones. That’s why fast stop can cause asthma return. It’s a kind of addiction.

How should I stop using medications?

     Decrease each dose of the medications but don’t reduce frequency of takes. Decrease to a quarter and let the kid take reduced dose of his usual pills for a week. Then reduce it to a quarter again and let the child take it for two weeks more. Then decrease it to a quarter again (it will be just 25% of what he used to take). He should go on taking such reduced doses for a month. Then he can stop taking them.

     It’s just a model, of course. It is possible that you will notice asthma returning after reducing the dose. That means that you do it too fast. You need to go back to the previous dose and try decreasing it in 2 weeks.

     My treatment is a good chance to reduce chemicals load on the kid’s organism and if you are persistent enough you will be able to get rid of all medications.

     If the kid has no asthma manifestations without taking pills that means he is healthy. So ig you go on massaging “Chinese” point it will prevent further return of the disease.

What should I always remember about?

     Don’t make Tsubo or any massage if the kid has any skin disease. Don’t put the balls on birthmarks or scars. If the point is on a such thing move the ball 2-5 mm to the right. If it is large just don’t use the point which are located in its borders. Even if you use 3 point instead of 4 that won’t influence the treatment efficiency much. Plaster shouldn’t touch birthmarks as well. Don’t make Tsubo or massage if kid’s temperature is more than 37 °С (if he’s got cold). You need to reduce the temperature first. If the kid has flu you’d better wait for a couple of days and make no procedures until he recovers. Professional doctor must release asthmatic kid from all vaccines and TB tests. If not, refuse them yourself.

     Try to avoid much synthetics in the kid’s clothing, especially underwear. It’s perfect if he has only cotton, linen or woolen clothes. You should rinse his clothes properly after washing, especially underwear. That would remove all the washing powder that could cause allergic reaction.

     Kid should avoid canned food. Preservatives, dyestuff and stabilizers in canned food can make asthma worse. Try to reduce amount of canned food in the kid’s meals at least twice. Avoid prefabricated drinks, sausages, bubble gum, chocolate and pastry (including homemade). Even homemade canned food should be avoided.

     Keep milk and various dairy (like yogurt, cheese, ice-cream, etc.). Do it no matter how old your child is. Milk is highly harmful for an asthmatic kid. This is well known for a thousand of years. It was first noticed by Indian yogis.