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Asthma – its real face

    9.1.1. Real information.

     Kid’s (as well as adult’s) asthma treatment with traditional medications and methods is absolutely inefficient. Besides, this treatment is a lie and harm. It is a lie because the attack stops after taking pills or inhaler. So parents and child are sure that the disease is cured. It’s wrong: chemicals can stop the attack but it will make the disease worse. Using chemical medication you will increase following attacks frequency and intensity. As a result hormones will be added to the treatment soon. Doctors will warn you that hormonal pills are slowly destroying patient’s organism but they “have no choice”.

     But bronchial asthma can be treated with homeopathy, children need to jog and swim. But using our method is the best way to recover. If you follow my recommendations you kid will be healthy.

     By the way, Tsubo can be used together with both homeopath and sports. But you’d better take off balls before swimming to lose them in water. After swimming you should put them back to “Chinese” points.

     But maybe I’m just trying to scare you to make accept my treatment? Well, I will give you a few facts which you can check on the Internet: the population of Great Britain is 60 million people; there are 1,2 million asthmatic children in this country. It’s a developed country with great medicine but they have no recovered children. And do you know any cases of a child’s or adult’s recovery from asthma? I have lots of such cases; try to find at least one. You will find lots of asthmatics: 25% of children suffer it anyhow; in any next generation there are twice as much asthmatic children. It’s caused by loads of chemicals around us: it is in our food, air, water, clothes, etc. Chemicals make our life easier but ruin it at the same time.

     What do you think now? Still want to treat your kid with medications? Still think that it is going to help? Then read “Official information”. It was prepared using official sources.  Compare these two articles and think where treatment perspectives are described more realistically? And why there is no statistics data in official information?

9.1.2. Official information.  
     Bronchial asthma is a disease which usually occurs in childhood. It is characterized by inflammation , edema and sputum in airways. They constrict and breathing gets heavy. The distinguishing feature of this disease is keen reaction to irritants. Children are especially sensitive to it. Allergy, airways infections, hereditary predisposition contribute to it.
Asthma attacks can be caused by:

  • allergy to dust, pets’ fur, mites, spores or food;
  • virus or bacterial infections (bronchitis, flu, sinusitis, cold, etc.);
  • environmental irritants (exhaust, tobacco smoke, sprays, perfumes);
  • some medications (non steroid medications, aspirin);
  • stresses (fears, worries);
  • too much physical loads in bad conditions (especially cold).

     Asthma manifestations can differ: children can have heavy breathing, asphyxia attacks, coughing, shortness of breath, wheezing, chest tightness. All these symptoms should worry parents and make them to visit a doctor. Treatment of kid asthma is a very serious task. Asthma can cause serious complications:

  • acute respiratory failure
  • pneumothorax (when air gets to pleural cavity)
  • emphysema breaches in lungs

     In such cases you need full inspection to get diagnosis and choose treatment. You should write down all information about attacks frequency, reaction to medications, side effects. Parents should know how to use inhaler, how new meds react to already taken. These notes will help to mark factors that influence asthma factors. If the attacks are caused cigarettes smoke, pets’ fur, dust or exhausts parents should get rid of it.
     If an attack starts don’t panic. Use an inhaler. To prevent asthma clean the house up properly, don’t let the kid to breathe with tobacco smoke, exhausts. To strengthen kid’s immunity he should go in for sports.
     There are many ways of asthma treatment but unfortunately the disease often passes to adult life. Don’t postpone the treatment, start acting today.