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5. The treatment (preparations and treatment procedure).


5.1.1. Metal balls with diameter 2 — 2,5 mm.
Theoretically, 4 balls are enough for the treatment but as far as they are quite small and often get lost I would recommend to have 6-8 balls. You can buy a roller bearing of appropriate size at any market or a specialized shop, break it and take the balls out. Then you should clean the oil out of the balls using a piece of cotton with alcohol or vodka, and dry it. I recommend using pincers and holding the balls above a plate. Sometimes it’s much easier to hold a ball with pincers than with your fingers, and if it falls it won’t roll off the plate.

5.1.2. A roll of plaster (to glue the ball to skin).
Fabric plaster, 1,5 cm wide.

5.1.3. Scissors (to cut the plaster), sharp manicure scissors (to cut circles in punch cards).

5.1.4. A bottle of Solutio viridis nitentis spirituosa 1% or 5% iodine to 20 milliliters (to make marks on the skin for setting the balls).

5.1.5. A pack of cotton buds  (to draw marks on the skin ) or matches (you should put cotton on one end of a match, put it in iodine and your “brush” is ready).

5.1.6. 100 grams of cotton (to draw the marks, to clean the balls, to clean skin after the procedure).

5.1.7. 100 milliliters of alcohol or vodka (to clean skin and the balls).

5.1.8. Big and small punch cards to find “Chinese” points according to doctor’s recommendations. You will make them yourself (check next article).



5.2.1. Copy the drawings or print this file on colored or white paper and scissor it. The drawings will be printed automatically in a necessary scale.
Each card is divided into squares. The side of each square is 1 cm. There is a circle inside each square. The diameter of each square is 5 mm.

The circles should be removed by any of the following ways: 

a) The most convenient way is to go to any work shop repairing bags. They have special punching machines there and they will make ideal holes in your cards in 3-5 minutes for minimal payment.

b) You can cut the holes with manicure scissors. You need to pierce the middle of the circle ant cut it moving from the middle to the border and then moving along the border. It will take about an hour.

c) You can pierce each circle with a prod or nail and then correct the borders with manicure scissors. It’s convenient to pierce the cards with a piece of foam plastic under it. It will take about an hour.
The holes made by second and especially third ways will have not exactly the right shape and the same size. But that’s ok. It won’t influence the quality of the treatment.
Note: you also need to remove to circles out of the squares. They are marked with red color. One is on the smaller card between numbers 1 and two. The other one is on the larger card between numbers 5 and 6.

5.2.2. Note: the cards remind a chessboard. Each square has its letter-number name and is located on the cross of horizontal line which has a letter and vertical line which has a number.
For example, the doctor recommends you to use squares В3, В6, С8, К11for the set. The work with these squares (“Chinese” points) is shown in the video.
Now you know how to use the cards. They are like a map, each map needs a location.
In our case, your child’s body is the location. You need “landmarks” on the kid’s body to treat him.


5.3.1. Let’s find and mark the “landmarks”.
The child should get undressed to the waist, turn his back to you, become straight, and stretch his arms along the body. You should sit on a chair behind the child and find the lowest points of the left and right shoulder blades. These are the “landmarks” on the child’s body. Make marks with iodine on each of them with size 3-5 mm. Before doing it check the video below.


5.3.2. Working with the cards (making marks for the balls).
For each set you need 4 balls. So you need to make 4 marks on the kid’s skin. One mark is made with a small card, and 3 – with a large one. First you need to put the red hole of the card on the mark on the lowest point of the left shoulder blade, then put the mark with a “brush” (cotton bud with iodine) through the whole in the necessary square.
Mark В3 point. Note: you can see the mark of the lowest point of the left shoulder blade through the whole between numbers 1 and 2; and the numbers row crosses the child’s body, i.e. goes horizontally. Then do the same with the large card and the mark on the lowest point of the right shoulder blade. But now you need to put 3 marks and some of them can be not on the bak but on the side of the kid’s body.
The marks are ready, you may put the balls. WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW.



5.4.1. Putting the balls.
Cut 4 pieces of plaster. Each of them should be approximately 1,5 x 1,5 cm. Put a ball in the middle of each piece, on its sticky side, using pincers or your fingers. Then you and your child should take the same position as when you were drawing the marks for the balls. Skin should be dry as well as all six iodine marks. Don’t forget, you have 6 marks: two at the lowest points of shoulder blades (you don’t need to put the balls on them), and 4 marking points for putting the balls. Put 4 plaster pieces on marks made with the punch cards. Put the sticky side (with a ball) to skin. The ball should be in the middle of the mark.
Put balls on marks B3, B6 and C8. The plaster with the ball for K11 mark is temporally on a pencil. WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW.

After that you should press plaster pieces slightly with your finger to glue it to skin properly.

5.4.2. Massaging with the balls

You will be massaging “Chinese” points with the balls. They locate between skin and the plaster. You can see their borders through the plasterб they rise above skin surface. You and your child can take any comfortable position for massaging. The child doesn’t have to be undressed. Let’s imagine that he’s wearing a T-shirt and a pullover. You put your hand under his pullover and find the balls through the T-shirt and start massaging.
The massage is done with the right hand. If the child is standing, put your left hand on his chest and fix the body so that it wouldn’t tilt during the massage. WATCH THE VIDEO a) and b) BELOW:

а) Massaging with two fingers. The kid is standing, the masseur is sitting.



b)    Massaging with two fingers. The kid is lying, the masseur is sitting.

Find the ball with the tip of you index finger, push it into skin and start massaging.

How? Imagine that your finger is a screwdriver and the ball is a screw and you are screwing it into a thick hard board. Keep this image on your mind while massaging. Do screwing clockwise movements with your finger. Try not to move the ball from its position to the left or right. Try to push it as deep as possible into skin.

In fact, you will be doing circular movement with your finger (together with the ball and skin under it). The circle radius should be as small as possible. And the pressure has to be as strong as possible but it shouldn’t hurt the child. If the kid complains about pain you should weaken the pressure. You will see soon that your child is enjoying the procedure. The frequency of the movements should be 2 circles in 1 second. So it has to be pretty fast. You should massage each ball about a minute. The whole procedure will take about 4 minutes. Start with the ball at the left shoulder blade which point was marked with the small card. Then pass to the closest ball. Then – to the ball closest to the second one, etc.

Anyway, you won’t have problems with choosing the order of points. It will be described in my recommendations.

You can shorten the procedure if you massage two balls at once. In this case you should start with the first and second balls. You will be massaging the first one with the right thumb, and the second one – with the right index finger. Then pass to the third and fourth balls (you can choose what fingers to use). Don’t forget to keep the image of a screwdriver and a screw in your mind. It will help you to get the right speed and pressure.

How often can you make the massage? Every hour if it is possible and the child is not sleeping. If it isn’t possible (it the kid goes to school, or parents are working), you should massage any time when the child is not sleeping with 30 minutes gap. Even if manage to massage your child only 6-10 times a day you will see the result of the treatment.

How long should you keep the balls on the child’s back? For three days. On the fourth day you should remove them and put to new points.

The kid shouldn’t wet his back while the balls are on it. But he can wash other parts of  body. When the balls are removed (and new points not marked yet) the child can wash all his body.

5.4.3. Removal of the balls.

That’s how the marks should look after the balls removal (they are removed from points В3, В6, С8; the marks hasn’t been cleaned out yet. The ball is being removed from point К11.)

The deeper and redder the hack is, the better. If there is no hack and it’s not red but pale pink, that means that further you need to:
Firstly, to massage more often;
Secondly, to press the ball harder.
There should be the hack on the skin after the ball, and sticky marks of plaster around it. And there also can be rust. The balls are made of special steal, but the “Chinese” point produce corrosive stuff which can affect even special steal. That’s why you shouldn’t be afraid of it, rust is the proof of the treatment intensity.

You should clean all the marks with a piece of cotton with alcohol or vodka on it. Remove the sticky marks of the plaster otherwise they can irritate skin. Clean it thoroughly, with much alcohol or (vodka). The hack will disappear soon.

You can start setting the balls at once (you can use the same you just removed, just clean them with a cotton with alcohol or vodka) to new points. But you’d better do it in 3-8 hours to let skin have a rest. You can wash the kid but water won’t remove sticky marks after the plaster. You can clean it only with alcohol or vodka, as it was described above.

Usually the balls are removed on the fourth day evening, so that you had time to wash the child, set new balls, massage them 2-3 times before the kid goes to bed. But it’s not compulsory. It’s just convenient for both parents and child. You can remove the balls in the morning, not in the evening. You are not obliged to wash the kid. You can relocate the balls on the third or fifth day. The schedule is quite flexible. It won’t reduce the treatment efficiency. Don’t forget to clean the ball first with a cotton with alcohol or vodka, then with a dry piece of cotton.

5.4.4. Next setting.

The following setting are made in the same way as already described. It’s even easier to use the punch cards making the next settings for hacks will mark balls position in the previous setting.
You can use the cards many times until they rip, then you will have to make new ones.