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4. Steps of bronchial asthma treatment (and payment).



     4.1.1. You fill in the kid’s questionnaire on this site. Then you send it to me (by clicking the button “SEND THE QUESTIONNAIRE” ant the end of the questionnaire). After you have done it your client’s number will appear on your screen. It will consist of time and date when you have sent the questionnaire. For example:

«You have been registered as a client  №47 14 14 09 2015»

     4.1.2. I get your questionnaire, analyze it for free and choose 6 points of your child for putting the balls. I send recommendations considering 3 first settings to your E-mail for free. You get a letter approximately like this (I say “approximately” because each client has its unique letters and numbers):

16.09.2015. Dear client №47 14 14 09 2015, I‘m sending you the first half of the treatment scheme for Alexander:
First setting: В2, Р6, А9, Р12.
Second setting: К6, С6, Р9, С10.
Third setting: С1, А5, В8, В12.
The end of the message.

These letters and number denote “Chinese” points (and the ball on it) on your child’s body. The meaning of these letter-number names is described in section “The treatment”.

It usually takes me 1-3 days to make and send recommendations since I get the questionnaire.

     4.1.3. After getting my recommendations you start the treatment. In 10 days you make sure that the treatment works, and pay for it. The payment is 200 dollars (USA). While making transaction don’t forget to put your client’s number in purpose of payment. I will send my account details and possible ways of paying to your E-mail together with recommendations on first 3 balls settings.

     4.1.4. After income I will give you recommendations on 3 left settings during 1-3 days. I understand whom to send recommendations due to client’s number in the transaction information.

     4.1.5. After getting recommendations on left settings you go on the treatment course.

That’s the example of letter considering left settings:

28.09.2015    Dear client №47 14 14 09 2015, I’m sending you the second half of the treatment scheme for Alexander:
Forth setting: А3, К5, А10, К12.
Fifth setting: С3, А7, С9, А12.
Sixth setting: К1, В5, К7, С12.
The end of the masssage.


        25-30 days will pass from filling in the questionnaire to the end of sixth setting effect.
What next? Is the treatment over? It is only contact with me what is over. Now, having the whole scheme of the balls setting, you can treat your child yourself.
        How? After passing through with the sixth setting repeat the first one, then second and so on till you pass to the sixth one. Then repeat the first one again and so on. Repeat the settings round.
        1-2 months of massaging with balls are usually enough to reduce asthma manifestations 60-80%, and using it for 3 months guarantees full recovery. Sometimes it takes more time, in case if the child suffers severe form of asthma or gets some hormonal medications.
        When asthma manifestations will decrease 60-80% you can stop to set the balls if you wish. But you should continue massaging. Massage ‘Chinese” points (I will tell about their marks later) where the balls should be (but without the balls).
Thereby asthma manifestations should go on reducing. If it’s not happening return to using the balls.
        You can go on with this treatment as long as you will, or stop it at any moment. You can return to it at any moment as well (for example, if the child’s condition got worse because of flu).
        You treat the sick child massaging him. Doing it to a healthy kid, you prevent asthma. You can continue massaging procedures even when the child is 17 or more. The most important thing is to find the treatment scheme before he is 17.