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3. Guarantees



       Your child will get no harm. Any local specialist of acupuncture will confirm it. That must be a specialist of a regional level. He ought to know what is Tsubo according to his position.

All you need is just ask this specialist the following question: “I’m offered to treat my asthmatic child with Tsubo method. I was told that Tsubo means putting metal balls on “Chinese” points using plaster. They assured me that Tsubo can’t hurt asthmatic kid. So could you tell me if it is really absolutely safe for my kid? Please answer in one word: “yes” or “no”. The specialist will probably be bustling for a while but at the end he will confirm that Tsubo is an absolutely safe procedure. And then the most interesting part is going to start: the specialist will be persuading you that although Tsubo is safe, it is not going to help your child. He will be persuading you insistently and for a very long time, having no care at all about your and his time, all for free. There’re some exceptions but they are quite rare. What is the reason for this? Why is he so talkative in the end of your talk and what was the reason of his bustling in the beginning?

That’s quite simple. The specialist has just realized that he’s facing someone much more qualified than he is. He can’t treat with Tsubo while I can. He is envious and offended. Don’t argue with him, we all have our weaknesses. It is possible that I treat some diseases worse than the specialist you visited. That is the negative part of human’s relations and not important. What is important that you have got the confirmation from an independent expert, that was the purpose of your visit. If this text is convincing enough for you than there’s no need to go to a specialist.



       You will be paying not for the fact of treatment but for its result. Such guarantee is ensured by the way I get payment. I will start treating your child for free. In 10 days you need to decide:  is there any result of the treatment? Do you want to go on with it?

If your answers are positive you send money to my bank account. The receipt of money is a signal for me to continue the treatment and I will send the rest of recommendations to your E-mail.

But if your child doesn’t have attacks for 10 and more days and he doesn’t have heavy breathing during the period between attacks then it would be difficult to judge if it is the treatment working or just too early for next attack. What should you do in such situation?

Start the treatment 3-4 days before expected attack. Usually rare attacks don’t have a strict schedule, however many parents learnt to define their child’s condition that precedes an attack. And what if you can’t predict an attack 3-4 days before it, only 1-2 days? Then start the treatment 1-2 days or even a few hours before.

The treatment will lead to the attack not happening or it being shorter and less intensive.

Thus, you get the guarantee of the treatment’s efficiency. Further you need to do what was told above: send money to my bank account and you will get remaining recommendations.

As you can see, everything is honest: I won’t get money if I treat bad and you won’t be able to finish the treatment if you don’t pay.