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2. Bronchial asthma treatment methods

Like many of my colleagues, I wasn’t satisfied with the results of kid’s asthma treatment for many years. I spent much time trying to understand the mechanisms of this disease. As a result, I got them and started to treat asthmatic kids more successfully than my colleagues.

I registered my discoveries as a piece of intellectual property and got a certificate (the certificate is attached). However, I still felt unsatisfied because the necessity of physical contact with a child remained. That meant that I could help only limited number of asthmatic children.

Лечение астмы у детей

I continued improving my method. I didn’t make new certificates for I don’t trust such terms as “patent protection”, “copyright protection”. I am probably wrong about that.

But I am perfectly sure that I can help your child. I can help although  I will never see neither you, nor him. My confidence is based on the fact that I managed to improve my method to the level where the physical contact between a doctor and a patient. They contact through Internet.

Surely, you’ve heard about acupuncture. Your child might even have acupuncture sessions. The doctor could use electric current or laser ray to affect “Chinese” (biologically active) points on your child’s body.

But I doubt that you heard about Tsubo; if you did, you must have been living in Japan. It was Japanese doctors who started using fingers massaging instead of needles to affect “Chinese” points centuries ago. The doctor marked the point with a metal ball which was glued to the body with a tape (precursor of modern plaster), and the massage was done by kid’s parents.

The advantages of  Tsubo are quite obvious: you don’t have to pierce a sick child with needles, no need to be afraid of complications and side effects because they just don’t exist. Tsubo has other advantages but I think already given are enough.

Classis Tsubo has only one disadvantage – the doctor has to be surely high qualified. That’s quite reasonable. Massaging affects point in much softer way then puncturing. But the doctor needs to massage not just points actual for this disease but those optimal for this particular patient. And he should remember points which were massaged during the previous session and which will be on the next one.

A doctor using Tsubo reminds a chess player – disease is his opponent, patient’s body – a chessboard, metal balls – chessmen which were moved by doctor to different “Chinese” points every few days.

At first you may think that you can’t replace an experienced doctor. But you don’t have to. I will plan your “moves” for you. All you will need to do is just “move chessmen” according to my recommendations.


What is our chance to succeed? Usually I manage to help 96 of 100 kids. What do I mean by “help”? I mean reducing asthma intensity at least twice, and in most cases my patients recover completely in 3 months.

The whole process won’t seem spectacular but it will be very efficient. You will see your child feeling better in 7-10 days already.